On The Road!!!!

Hi im 17 , and this my story about quiting smoking. Im not smoking for long just about a year but i would smoke about 10 a day or more... i had no intention of quiting but then i started hanging out with this great girl, she didn't smoke and it made me feel bad that i did so i chose not to smoke when i with her and to not get caught smoking by her...it was easy was happy being with her and didn't care bout smoking.started being with this girl alot ! smoked less and less even when i wasn't with her without realising this.... but **** hit the fan one day when she saw me putting out a *** i was so mad with myself because i promised myself i wouldn't let her see that! i paused with shock for a second and what i did next was amazing, i looked in her eyes she cracked a joke bout it cuz she knew i didn't want her to see that but i was upset so i took out the last benson from my box and tore it up into little bits infront of her and said thats my last one..... EVER haven't smoked since then and it's bee two days thats not much at all but due to some phsycoligocial problems i have its madness. i have this thing that means i get into routeans really easy like with smoking it was a *** every two hours or less had to benson i would be at a computer not looking at the time and ill just get a feeling (not a craving) and look at the time then and exactly 2 hours on the button since my last *** this has happened a few times so it not CONSIDENCE.
johnm17 johnm17
18-21, M
Jul 12, 2010