They're Too Damned Expensive..

Well, I haven't smoked for like a month or so now.. I really did love it; it was stimulating and gave me something to do with my hands while I watched TV. Had to quit, though - just can't afford it anymore. I've been on unemployment for about 3 months and am barely scratching by, and it's an expense that I can most certainly do without. They just went up again, too.. Here in Ontario, that harmonized sales tax put provincial sales tax on everything that used to only have the federal goods and services tax. Bunch of essential and non-essential stuff went up 8% overnight (lucky I don't drive). So.. pack of good smokes is now $11.00 or more.

Well I guess I should mention that there are some benefits other than just money, but I'd consider smoking again if I could (probably won't, though). I smoked for about.. 8 or 9 years. I used to cough quite a bit, and that all ended after only a few days. The faint tar stains on my fingers and mouth are gone. I guess if anyone smelled me, I'd smell better :P

Anyways, to hell with smokes for now..
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Ooh - more than 2 months now. Exercise helps quite a bit when I get those weird urges. Pot would probably work better :P<br />
I'm home free, mates !

keep on going... and if you need aversion therapy i recommend you visit Joel Spitzers' website -<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
this website held all the info i needed to stay quit. i've now been quit for more than a year. try to read the e-book here, i really believe it will help you keep the mental strength up to stay quit. because this is a battle with your mind and its' chemicals. it will trick you into taking it up again if you do not learn to change how it reacts to thoughts about smoking. good luck, you are doing well after this long, don't let the addiction suck you back in.<br />
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multiplex: hey wtg on your quit too! congratulations! Joel Spitzer was one of Allen Carr's original students and he is still actively teaching Carr's ideas about quitting and staying quit. they do work and the mental changes really do make all the difference. well done on your quit, i hope you're doing well too.

"Joel Spitzer was one of Allen Carr's original students..."

Just want to clarify here that this is not an accurate statement. I started running stop smoking clinics in 1976, while Allen Carr was still a smoker. I believe Allen Carr quit smoking in 1983 and from what I can tell, he started running programs in 1985 although I am not sure of that fact. My clinic format and much of my materials were produced long before this. For a full background of my professional experience go to

Hey, good job. If it's been 2 weeks, you're in the clear. Physically for sure, anyway. Thanks for the suggestion, I may need to check it out - it's pretty hard not to think about having a smoke when there's a beer in hand :P

If you still feel that you enjoyed smoking, may I recommend a book to you? It doesn't have a bunch of pictures of dead lungs, etc to scare you, but it was the method that I used to quit turkey 2 weeks ago and my body does not feel the desire to smoke whatsoever and the psychological need is nearly 100% gone - I'm just constantly having to remind myself of things because certain aspects/views of smoking tend to get so ingrained in the heads of smokers.<br />
<br />
Anyways, the book is called "The Easyway to Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr :)<br />
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P.S. Cheers from Ontario :)

*Sniff, Sniff* Much better FA :)