Chantix Vs. Nicotine Replacement

Chantix (aka Champix) I absolutely swear by the stuff. It did have some odd side effects. It made me feel great. I'm not a typically bubbly guy. I sometimes dwell, sulk, demean, and stalk conversation for a chance to throw in a glib remark. With Chantix I was a genuinely nice guy. I started talking more with folks, rose early without complaint, and my productivity rose at work. One setback: I produced some really noxious flatulence. Seriously, they were deadly.

It got to the point where closing my office door was not an option. I began working from home out of courtesy to my coworkers and sleeping on the couch out of courtesy to my wife and cat. I did quit smoking and didn't feel the slightest urge to light up, but I was ostracized by my own farts.

So I quit Chantix and within a few weeks was back to my better smelling though cranky self, but back in the office and back in my bed. I eventually quit smoking again (10 months now!) by using nicotine lozenges. I stopped those after just 3 months - a bleeding peptic ulcer had me in the hospital so I quit. I often wonder if the lozenges hadn't caused the ulcer.

So my drug of choice is Chantix, but for the sake of everyone else I would opt for the Nicotine lozenges if I ever had to quit again (no No NO).

awar44 awar44
41-45, M
Jul 16, 2010