Over A Year Ago Now...

i quit smoking back in March, 2009. was the best thing i ever did for myself in my whole life. it was a hard battle and i had to utilize EVERY quit tactic known to man to beat this horrible addiction, but i did. my last quit was at least 16 years previous to that and i only lasted a few weeks. i'm under no illusions. i am a nicotine addict for life. just one puff would be enough to send me back to perhaps 20 more years of smoking hell. i'm never going there again. it's surprising how even after this long, the memories of smoking can be pulled out by a trigger here and there, but i've done the education, i know my enemy. this is just the lifelong price all ex smokers have to pay. the sooner you accept that you are an addict for life and that ANY administration of nicotine will ensure a re-established and active addiction, the sooner you are able to move on from the psychological part of the addiction. that's the part we all need to beat down and it's an effort to keep it up but well worth it.

i'd rather keep vigilant thoughts about smoking always in my mind than be a slave to the active addiction. i know i'm going to die someday but i don't want nicotine to be my killer.
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

i quit with patches and it was really hard work. prolonging the agony of nicotine withdrawal can be a bad thing for some people, for me it was a necessary evil. i would not have been able to stay quit though, had i not done the mental work necessary to stay off them. i also had support from the quit smoking forums over at about.com. that place is amazing and the people there are always around, helping you stay inspired to stay quit. a lot of people fail because they are either not quitting for themselves or don't have any support. please seek it out if you're failing without it. it sounds like some positive encouragement will really help you a lot. i'm so sorry this is a difficult journey for you. i am here also if you need any advice, i know how to get past the triggers that can make quitting really hard.

Good for you, thats wonderful. I am trying very hard to quit myself. Ive been trying since January but fell off the wagon multiple times. Im back on the wagon again, wearing my little patch and reminding myself that its just not worth it .... but its nice to hear that it actually can be done.