I Quit!!!

I quit on June 1st! Best decision ever! I feel much better heath wise and I'm proud of myself!
notsohot notsohot
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5 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Great! I still haven't picked one back up, and oddly enough the smell of tobacco is rather potent, and I haven't craved it either.

thanks! I wish My hubby would quit,too. He stinks so bad!

Congratulations! great job. I had 120 days as of July 17.<br />
I find that at first it is a challenge and I really have something to fight at first.<br />
Later it turns into a long slog and gets a little tougher.<br />
But I think of it less and less. And you are right it is so worth it!

Thanks! I'm finding that it's only hard at first. If I knew that earlier I would of quit sooner :-)

Congratulations! It is a hard task to accomplish.