How I Quit?

I had smoked from the beginning of my high school career to the beginning of my senior year. I was real into the party scene and the drug scene too. Just really wasting time, I was unmotivated and just not inspired by life to do anything.


I just became restless and searched for something to fill in that gap in  my life. And at the beginning of 2006 I decided to go back to church. I went back to recieving Christ into my life. And to tell you the truth I quit the week I accepted Him into my life. It was so effortless. I went from full on addicted to having the desires of my heart changed. I of course had to surround myself with people who didn't smoke in order to stop and so I changed my environment. Now I am so happy to be smoke free.

I had a best buddy who I use to hang out a lot with, who introduced me to smoking.... the other day I met him at the store...his teeth were gray and green. It was a sad sight.

I felt bad to think of it but its the truth. And I only wish people who are addicted to smoking can see the pleasure of not smoking.

ladynau ladynau
18-21, F
Dec 19, 2007