Quittin Poem

Imma quitter quitter,
Them cigarettes are
Down the ******* 
And I don't dare
To reach down there!

I no longer smell but I can smell
I can taste when I taste
I could run and not hack up a lung
My teeth are gittin whiter
My finger stains are gone
And my wallet is gittin fatter
Now that my smokin days are done

So hooray hooray 
I quit one month ago today

whisperingsunshine whisperingsunshine
31-35, F
15 Responses May 31, 2011

Good on You. I have tried many times to quit, and the longest was 2 years, but I just can't get the craving out of my brain. I know that it would be very beneficial for me to quit, as I have COPD/with emphazima, but the pain I go through with withdrawls, just doesn't seem worth the outcome. I am very glad you have made it.

smooches *clink*<br />
<br />
thanks 619boy and less<br />
<br />
wifey ... *high fives* babeh<br />
<br />
DT... big smooches right back atcha hehe<br />
<br />
handsomestranger.. thanx, glad you liked it

Woooooooooooo...*highfives and fistbumps* S-Jay ! Major congrats woman, wifey is proud :)

i quit cold turkey about 26 years ago after i built up to a 3-plus pack a day habit. I was not addicted to the nicotine, contrary to popular belied. I had no withdrawl symptoms, personality changes, etc. I simply missed the habit od lighters and having something either between my fingers or billowing away, it also seved as my crutch amongst people. You could hide behind a cigarette the way you can hide wearing sunglasses. It took me years to get used to not smoking. You have to have a reason to quit. Mine was..i figured it kill me some day if i didn`t. Tried cutting back first to one cig per hour. Nope. Don`t work.

Good for u now if only i culd quit dipping snuff

Thanka Cedricsmom..

Congratulations! Tough habit to break.

Invisible... why thank you very much<br />
<br />
Queenie.. had I known that, I'd have quit years ago! lolz

affinity.. thank you I miss the social aspect of it mainly when i'm out tossin a few back with friends.. but other than that.. sol good. <br />
<br />
Queenie.. Thanka love.. I have better things in mind now that helped me to put them down, as you know.

Jumping up and down for you!!! That's an awesome way to express quitting smoking! Kudos to you!

happy dances witt you!

Rock on Sunny! You go girl! *does a happy dance*

thanka thanka myephaunts and Ford :)

WooHoo!!! I'm proudaya girl!!!!!!! ((((hugs)))))

Whoooooohooooooo-congrats baby! cigarettes are poop!