Day 1

Today is my first smoke free day in years. I decided that it is time to quit. The morning did not start off the greatest, because I awoke to the smell of cigarette smoke, which didn't help. My husband lit up in our bedroom right next to me. I reminded him that I was quiting and he went outside with it. Then on the way to taking him to work he lit up in the car. It is really challenging trying to quit smoking when you have a spouse that smokes. So, I am so glad that he is going out of town this week. That way i can get over the hardest part of not smoking. He is not very good at being considerate when it comes to me quiting smoking. It's almost as if he doesn't want me to quit. You would think that he would be jumping for joy since he spends about 200 dollars a month in cigarettes just for me.
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maybe he feels that way because he might feel like he is losing a friend

You are a strong person and I wish you continued strength. Most people find it impossible to quit or they get sucked back into the habit even after quitting for a while (hope that's not you!). I usually just tell them that they have the best chance of giving up smoke not by quiting but by going with an alternative-so keep this in mind if you ever feel the need to light one up ever again. It's a change of perspective -don't quit -switch. Smokers should vape with only high tech, modified electronic cigarettes. Cheaper than cigs, no smoke for your lungs anymore, lots of different flavors....devices are even rechargable. My husband smoked for 22 years and hasnt missed a tradtional cigarettes in the last 2 years he has been vaping. This is smoking of the future, google jvmodshop and check out my profile, it is an alternative smoke shop. You can have your habit and enjoy it too. :) here is a fun video to check out even.

Did you get a disposable? may need to try a stronger level of nicotine in your e-liquid. Electronic Smoking has a niche usually. :)

He needs to help and be considerate of you, that is incredibly important for you to quit. I was a smoker for about 3 years until I got pregnant and had to quit immediately. As much as it's a responsibility to quit for my baby and knowing that made it easier, if my husband hadn't stopped with me it would have been literal torture. Talk to him if you can :)

Repeat after me...."I am a non-smoker" CAN do it......I am 3 years smoke free, after smoking 42 years.......I really did like to smoke

Dats great. Smoking is not n so is alcohal. Im glad to hear dat.

Big Wow. Good for you. I am wondering if sometimes folks actually try to sabatage others' efforts to quit -- guilt, or not having a smoking buddy, or --

Hey, good for you for doing that by yourself despite your husbands still smoking and his inconsideration!! I struggle with my dad smoking... undeniably I like the smell of cigarettes if its just a little whiff in the street or something!! But I quit on my birthday (april 6th and never looked back!!). A few things that really helped me:<br />
<br />
1) dont think of it as giving up. You're sub consciously telling yourself you're missing out on something. Instead think of it as simply QUITTING. Like kicking a bad habit.<br />
<br />
2) I bought an icig and some nicotine free flavouring. Its Rose flavoured so if i go out or have a drink or find myself in a place where I really could murder a cigarette... I puff on that instead. <br />
<br />
3) Not easy to quit, but I look at smokers and tell myself "cigarette victim". It amuses me!! <br />
<br />
4) I keep as busy as I can to avoid thinking about it. And I always keep carrot sticks and healthy nibbles in my office so if I get tempted to eat in order to sate the need to smoke, im not overloading on food. <br />
<br />
5) Lastly, I have an iphone app that tells me how many days it is since i had my last cig. It really helps to look at that.... It really gives me a sense of achievement when the number creeps up :) It also tells me how much Ive saved and stuff too, how many I havent smoked since I quit, and gives a daily motivational fact etc. It cost me the same as one cigarette would have, and has been a real big help for me!! <br />
<br />
GOOD LUCK, stick with it :D and well done for even trying!

Good Luck! The first 24 hours is the hardest but once you get over those first 24 then it does get a little bit easier. It so very worth it. Guys are like that though. I wrote a very similar post about my husband being just as inconsiderate. It's hard enough to quit, that's why most people can't do it. A little respect goes a long way and will definitely make your attempt a much smoother ride. <br />
I am 9 weeks smoke free. You can do it!!!!!!

Congratulations ! Great decision. All friends support You. Courage :)

One important step is to reassure yourself that one day it truly will not be hard to NOT be a smoker. I would always get three days into it and say screw it because if it was always gonna be THIS hard, they can just bury me in the empty boxes. But after a while it gets easier, and I have been a non-smoker for 8 years now after 15 years of up to 2 packs a day. One day you won't miss it. You just have to stay strong until then.

The best of luck to you, I know others that have sucsessful at quiting and are happy for it.

Good luck to you. I've heard that it is very difficult. Try to put the money aside that you will be saving. This may give you motivation once you see the account grow and may stop you from wanting to reduce that big pile of cash by having a set back. Green cash is better than Brown stained teeth. Rooting for you.

Well done!! Now make every day Day 1 and stick with it.<br />
<br />
Here in the UK it's illegal to smoke in any public area at all, including pubs and clubs, and even shared outdoor areas like beer gardens. And it is soooo much nicer eating out these days.<br />
<br />
Stick with it and you'll feel so much better for it in the end. (And good luck converting your husband too - he could live a lot longer!)