Almost 2 Months!

I really didn't think I could stop smoking, but still going strong and not even one puff! I'm so proud of me! Woot!

I still have some cravings, but not necessarily for cigarettes, just a general craving for "something" I'm still taking the Chantix but I cut my dose in half to one pill a day to see how I fare on that. I admit that I'm kinda afraid to stop taking them in fear that it will flood open a door of unbearable cravings, so I'm easing that door open so that If it gets to bad, I can go back up to two pills a day. But I've been on the lowered dose for two weeks with nothing even close to a 3 on the cravings meter, so it's working well :)

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Glad to see you are over the hump..
the physical elimination ofnicotine out of your body. The rest of the habit may be more to cope during stress. Share your experiences.

wel i quit too with nothing just eat and gym you will have no cravings

it is a good sign for health to quit smoking as we know that smoking is very bad your health , due to smoking you are facing some dangerous diseases..<br />

that's great! I've gone down to 4 cigs a day. so i'm on my way to quitting/it's really hard tho, my husband still smokes. but i'm giving it a shot. I told my husband that I wanted to get into shape. we just got back from las vegas and we did some walking on the trails. I really went far with the help of my grandson who is 5 yrs old. we had a great time. so I want to be able to go up higher next time we visit.

Hi,<br />
I am very happy for you that you have the desire to quit smoking, I smoke 7 years and quit so I understand you and some of the emotions you must pass through. I help many people to quit and I give you few motivations steps which I new that helps the others. First you must imagine what problems cigarette made for your health, second how mach money you will save (you will bay new car if you will quit), and you will also be free and have a power about your self in relation to your own live.<br />
Good Lack.<br />

quit cold turkey for 3 1/2yrs very proud of myself

Sheena,<br />
<br />
Awesome! I, too, quit about 8 months ago with Chantix. I spent lots of time on the Smoking Cessation forum at Great support there.

Thanks Always :) It's been almost 8 months now and still not even one puff!

CONGRATS!! we're in this together!!