In The Middle Of Quitting...

Ok, it's the end of week one of giving up smoking.  I've wanted to do it for ages (and a part of me really has wanted NOT to give up).  I don't know how it finally happened but I think it just came to be the right time.  I've been using patches during the day and an electronic cigarette in the evenings.  I'm still craving but the stubborn part of me is working for the good side at the moment and I'm feeling too stubborn to give in now.  I wanted to post this as I never thought I'd do it, and there must be a million people out there that feel the same.  I'm not telling myself that I'm never going to smoke again, and I'm sure I will have one here or there but I don't want to get back to being twitchy and grumpy if I don't have one!  For all those people who say "I can't"'re wrong...just have a bit of faith in yourself and take it a day at a time.  Think of it as an achievement and feel the pride that comes from acheiving something.  Good luck to all of us quitters!
spearkid spearkid
Oct 3, 2011