First Blog- Day 30 Quitting Smoking

am a 20 year old male from canada. I ended a love affair with cigarettes exactly 30 days today. I was never a heavy smoker but the past 30 days have been excruciating. I have read many blogs on the internet over the past 30 days. It seems like a good way to vent about problems especially associated with smoking cessation. I am currently in second year of my undergraduate studies, horrible time to quit, the pressures over academia can be overwhelming not to mention social pressures. Non of my friends or even my girlfriend knows i quit. It is very hard to go through this alone. But the blogs from all of you quitters have been quite helpful. I’m hoping to help others out there who need help especially with quitting. I am hopping to receive comments from a lot of people not only concerning quitting smoking but about blogging as well.

I started smoking at the age of 13 because of social pressures among other things. I enjoyed it up until my last cigarette but it was time for a change in my life. Non of my friends smoked anymore and new found love about a year ago caused me to drop the habit 30 days today. Although i have been trying to quit for over a year. Prior to this quit i went about a month and a half from the middle of february to april but because of stress I fell off the wagon and smoked. I have been hiding it from friends and loved ones since, thus no one knows i quit because people think i already quit. A lot of good has come since i stopped. I don’t have to sneek around anymore and worry about if i stink or not and I feel better about myself even though physically i feel horrible most of the time. I hope these next 30 days will be a lot easier than the last 30.

Hoping to receive lots of comments both encouragement and criticism  feel free,


gwein99 gwein99
18-21, M
Nov 10, 2011