I've quit smoking many times. It's just like the old joke. But I've quit again recently, a little over a week ago. The withdrawal is hitting me bad. I'm coughing up the black stuff and my nose is all stuffed up. I think it's ironic that you get the smoker's cough AFTER quitting.

Every time I've quit, I've used some kind of nicotine replacement to take the edge off and this time is no different. I used the lozenges for a few days. But I've also been using a hypnosis app on my iPhone. I listen to it every day.

Today I found a packet of cigarettes in my car. There were four of them. In the past, I would have smoked them as 'fair game' - I hadn't bought them and they were leftover from a 'smoking time' (oh the justifications of addiction) . And I left them out so I could have them. But I realised I'd have to overcome revulsion to do so. Seems like the hypnosis app is working. I listen to it every day. And I'll listen to it again tonight. And I'll listen to it at least every other day for the next month.
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I have quit smoking with the allan carr book ( which works like hypnosis. Honestly the book is a genius! he smoked 80-100 a day and just quit! no withdrawals nothing. The book explains feels simply, and makes us understand why we smoke.
I have smoked 20-40 day for 15 years and stopped! I am not having bad with drawals- its just the feeling that is a bit like hunger- no subsittues no nicotine replacement!they dont work! the willpower method does not work- your drive yourself insane! the book is a tenner- cost of nearly 20 ****- you have nohing to looose if you read it.
I came on here as have all the horid physical symtoms of the stuff trying to get out of my lungs!please has anyone got any advice what to take to get rid of this! apart from this feel great! I have senses back ( taste and smell!) and more energy!

coughing up crap??? You basically need to wait it out. Exercising helps.

Two months of not smoking!!

I too have been two weeks without a cigarette. Amazing how addictive nicotine can be! I'm really focused on staying smoke free. The extra oxygen can be felt. My skin looks a little nicer. I definitely smell better ( in both interpretations). I just hope the desires for nicotine diminishes and each craving gets shorter as time moves on.

it does! I'm now just over three weeks and feeling great. The hypnosis really seemed to help, too. I'm not on nicotine replacement or anything.

update...still going! been tracking my progress - and it's been over two weeks now. Not coughing up so much crap now. Feeling the benefit of the extra energy now!