I Finally Quit!

I have been smoking since I was a teenager ....  I retired last year at 62, so you can do the math. :-)   I've been very lucky so far ... no major health problems, and none with my heart or lungs.   My oldest son stopped smoking a little over a month ago and since we are not a competative family at all .. I decided that now is my time to do the same.  I am now on Day 5.  And my house  is now cleaner than it's been in ages.  :-)   I found the hardest times were right after a meal. So now, I finish eating, put my dishes away and go clean something ..anything.  LOL!  So far it's working for me and I find that I really do not want a cigarette anymore/  I suppose at certain times, I will always find myself reaching out .. but only because it's a habit, not because I actually want to smoke. 

I firmly believe that most people who smoke will give it up when they are ready and not one day before.  You can't quit because someone else wants you to...you have to be ready mentally.   So for those here who have started the long road ... do not give up!  I tmay be harder for some than others..but it IS an attainable goal.  And we can do anything we set out minds on!
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I Have been quitting smoking may 1st was my last cigarette i went in for the laser and it works great i just got the kindle fire and downloaded the allen carr book as backup so far i feel much better i have tried many ways to quit but no luck i found that deep inside i wasnt ready to quit this time i am ready and i am determined to make this my last try and to succeed and i will .

Gertrude! That's terrific! The want/need to quit smoking and the determination to do so makes it a lot easier for us. It has been 3 weeks for me since my last smoke. Seems to get easier every day. I know I go hours and hours without even thinking of reaching for a cigarette. That's a great idea of keeping your book on your kindle ..always at your fingertips when you need a gentle reminder. :-) Keep me posted on how you are doing!

My congrats, linstrong! I also just smoking one week ago after reading asmoking[dot]com Allan Carr book review. Really helped me to create self-motivation!

Congratulations! I'm about 2 1/2 weeks smoke-free.

Well Done and good luck to you.....I agree 100% with what you say about being ready. I am 8 weeks off them :)

That's super! Still hanging in there?

Congradualatons. I'm happy for you