Not Me , But My Boyfriend

My boyfriend has just informed me that he will be quitting cigarettes cold turkey.. he is a pack a day smoker and I know it wont be easy, is there ANYTHING i can do to make things easier for him and show my support? i need to hear some advice from people who are going through it themselves....
NeverBeenKissed93 NeverBeenKissed93
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1 Response Apr 26, 2012

I read your story and I was trying to think of what people have done for me to show their support. One of the things I really did ..and do ... appreciate is that when I'm having a rough day my friends understand and don't take it personally. I think most of us have a few of those days where it's really hard to give up that habit. Smoking is so much easier than not smoking for us. And I did get cranky a time or two. So just be there for him and be his cheerleader!