Addiction Beaten?

I started smoking in much the same way as you did, I'd guess. A friend suggested it. I went along. Thought it was 'cool', although that wouldn't have been a word I'd have used at the time. A memorable moment. Outside the school gates, 'O' level year. Fifteen years old. Two cigarettes in quick succession during afternoon break. Back to Geography. Feeling sick, dizzy, sweaty, really an unpleasant experience. Who would have thought such an introduction would lead to a 35+ year love/hate relationship. Anyone with any sense, following that kind of introduction to a new experience, would obviously avoid any further contact. Not me. Not you?
I've heard this statement made about heroin addicts; 'an addict can only quit when they finally, actually, want to'. It can be postulated that those people have it a lot worse than nicotine addicts. All that physical side of the withdrawal process. I don't know. Luckily I've not been down that route. I do know that cigarette smoking is a major addiction.
I'm not going to go into the right's and wrong's of governments, the world over, using taxes on tobacco as a means of funding whatever they 'fund' with the money gained. Having said that, it does seem somewhat two-faced to then to complain about the burden on the health service, should you be lucky enough to have one, that cigarette smokers present. Think how much might be being saved by such legally sanctioned addiction.
Back to the point. That being several points actually. If you are a current cigarette smoker, telling yourself and perhaps those around you (because that kind of positive reinforcement is supposed to be beneficial) that you are 'quitting' then good luck. I tried that. Several times. Even pretended to those people I'd told, that I had. I hadn't. Not on any of the occasions I tried that one. I just didn't smoke in front of them any more. Did it reduce the number of cigarettes smoked? No. Do you think I fooled any of them? Of course not. If you believe that; one it's delusional; two, you have forgotten how badly you smell after a cigarette.
I bet you do this kind of thing; just before bed, a 'last' cigarette. I mean on a daily basis. Down the garden; over the bin, in the sink or some other place you - think - you - can - get - rid - of - the - remaining - tobacco in your possession. Next morning, there you are, down the garden, in the bin, not down the sink, obviously, but, next best thing, in the shop/garage/nearest place with vending machine stocking up for the new day. It is an addiction. You are a cigarette junkie. Sorry. True.
How did I stop? This might be of absolutely no benefit to you. I apologise (UK English) for seemingly advocating paying money into someone's bank account. However, I did it myself. Desperation. And this guy had come up with an explanation I could understand and accept. Let me explain and allow you to make your own judgement. Perhaps the writer of the information I'm about to talk about has cunningly hypnotised (where is that 'z') me. I don't think so. I actually don't care since I haven't smoked, or had any inclination to smoke, for some (this I find quite odd, I can't place when I stopped and always assumed I'd know, to the day) time. I mean years (3/4).
Anyway. Some old, smoking, friends came to stay over a weekend. The female member (that sounds wrong - but a little light humour (UK) never hurt anyone) of the couple had had stopped smoking (she still has). Toward the end of the weekend she suggested that I read a book. Okay here comes the bit where I look like I'm trying to make someone some money. Honestly, I'm not. I did give them mine though. She recommended a book called 'The Nicotine Trick'. I've no idea of the author (where is that UK 'u') but I'm sure your favourite (ah, here) search engine can help. She refused to tell me the books premise. She did say she would send me a copy, but never did. I ended up buying my own via the thing you are reading this by. Why? Because, somehow, without proselytising, I thought she had hit on something.
Months later I was still waiting for the promised book to arrive. Still doing all the buying, throwing, buying, I gave in and bought my own copy. Skinny little book it is. My copy has vanished (probably realised it wasn't needed any more and went back to be resold - now that's a way to make one's fortune). Not nearly as bad as many 'Hi, I've this great idea to make you ......' whatever it is they're pushing, supposed self help messages. Actually gets down to the nitty-gritty of the argument fairly quickly. And then, repeats it - hypnosis? - don't care!
Once again, attempting to get back on piste. Reading the book had no immediate effect. No miracle cure there. Not an - eat my pages and you will be cured - kind of book. But, the whole very simple, but recognisably possible, idea buzzed around in my mind repeatedly, I don't know how long this went on, for some time though, months at least. If you can get it through your library, or a friend has bought it and it's still on their shelves, at least have a read.
The upshot is, having read and inwardly digested (as my old geography teacher, who was useless it has to be said, used to say) this guy's idea, and presumably found it, 'good', 'worth considering', or whatever (hypnotic?), I had to travel, abroad, on a business trip that involved flying. I don't know about you, but more often than not I come back from any short flight with a flu like bug. Stewardesses/stewards, what can you do - I've reached the point where I say - No, please do not taste the coffee/tea/juice, I'll live with the consequences, just not sure of your spit. So, arriving home, luckily the weather was good, I spent 3 day's feeling horribly ill in the back garden. That break, with what 'I' had taken from "The Nicotine Trick" seemed to be enough to allow me to become, what you want to become, a non-smoker.
I've mucked around here and there as frivolity struck, but I hope that the serious message sticks. I repeat, I have no interest in pushing the book mentioned, but it helped me, I think. It was the first time anyone had presented an argument that seemed to tie in with the facts of my addiction, as I knew them. I believe recognising that helped me stop. Then, who am I? Oh, yeah. I'm not the smelly one.
Truly, best wishes with this because I know what you are trying fight against.

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Great for you. You are a strong person and I wish you continued strength. Most people find it impossible to quit or they get sucked back into the habit even after quitting for a while (hope that's not you!). I usually just tell them that they have the best chance of giving up smoke not by quiting but by going with an alternative-so keep this in mind if you ever feel the need to light one up ever again. It's a change of perspective -don't quit -switch. Smokers should vape with only high tech, modified electronic cigarettes. Cheaper than cigs, no smoke for your lungs anymore, lots of different flavors....devices are even rechargable. My husband smoked for 22 years and hasnt missed a tradtional cigarettes in the last 2 years he has been vaping. This is smoking of the future, google jvmodshop and check out my profile, it is an alternative smoke shop. You can have your habit and enjoy it too. :) here is a fun video with some of the devices and more info

Thanks for the comment. I am not a 'strong' person. Any 'junkie' either reaches a point where they 'want' to stop or they don't. I repeatedly 'tried' to stop. I repeatedly failed. I maintain that knowing, or at least believing in, 'the nicotine trick', together with a fortuitous forced abstinence and a desire to 'un-junk', allowed me to make the break. Miraculously I've had not desire to smoke since. Forever may it last.
I applaud your husband's achievement. I fear however, guessing that a 'vape' is a means of continuing to receive a nicotine fix, that the underlying issue, addiction to nicotine, hasn't been resolved. Good that no real cigarettes are being smoked though.
Still, the handle 'jvmodshop' as to make one wonder ...

Yeah, we started our own business because of our amazement and love for electronic smoking. I am glad he is now an ex-smoker and i do believe E-smokes are a million times better than traditional cigarettes...just because there are 4-500 chemicals in tobacco and only 3 in E-Liquid, yes nicotine is one of them but someone can start with a high strenght and even ween themselves down by vaping lower and lower strengths until they are comfortable enough to quit. I see nicotine like caffeine, what makes real cigarettes so bad is all the lacing in the ingredients. But honestly, quitting is an achievement and so now you know what my handle is jvmodshop, true story :)