Healthy Choice

I quit smoking two years ago. I was hypnotized. I am not sure it was the result of hypnosis, more will power. I had quit before, for several years, but started up again in a period of depression. It was a bad decision. I had my larynx broken at 19 years old, by my caretaker in a rough inner city neighbourhood, which combined with my birth, marred by severe sickness, has made me prone to some serious illnesses and bronchial problems. Smoking definitely exacerbated some of my health problems. Ironically when I was a non-smoker I couldn't kiss a woman who smoked because I thought it was disgusting like tasting an ashtray. My last girlfriend was an exception, she had a sweetness about her, quite simply... My main reason for quitting was not just health related, though my health has improved as a result of quitting, especially athletically (it is in the 2nd year when you really notice a difference in stamina). I want to breathe passion into my love, my dove, with sweetness not poison. I can't be around smokers anymore, the taste of it will make me cough, which is a good sign I think.
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Jun 18, 2012