On My 3rd Day

I quit smoking on Sunday- it is now Tuesday. I drove to work this morning with an unlit cigarette in my mouth and the window cracked. My favorite morning activity is the 30 minute drive to work- me and my cigarette... the cool air, the radio, not a care in the world. I felt lost. I didn't know what to do with myself. I allowed myself to have one cigarette from my boyfriends pack. That is the one that I didn't lite, the one in my mouth. The one I currently have sitting on the dashboard of my car- I can see it through my office window... taunting me. BUT I KNOW that if I smoke it, there will be another unlit cig tomorrow that I will drive to work with. I made it this far, I should just keep going. It's really hard. A lot harder than I thought it would be. I am 25 and have smoked since I was 14. I quit once, when I was preggo with my son 4 years ago. It was easy then, the smell of cigs made me have bad morning/afternoon/night sickness. I couldn't stand the smell. Now I have nothing holding me back.
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Keep up the good work, I got rid of the lighters, ash trays and I'm not inviting smokers around at this point. I know that I won't allow smokers in my surroundings, but I'm going cold turkey. I do have lobelia drops and if I get those brain receptors telling me to get a cig, I just put a very small drop under my tongue to trick the brain, other than that I'm cool. I am still recognizing when I want one and the rest is the habit I developed of just smoking when bored. I am another day towards achievement of being smoke free, I think I'm going to like me a lot more.

congrads,you still have your son and he still wants his mommy around for a long time,im 46 been smoking36years and this is my first time even thinking of quitting,im hopinh this site will help me,good luck to you and god bless you

You can quit I promise! If it helps you feel any better at all I am quitting as well and today is my 4th day of not smoking. I know that it sucks but it helps to have people that are on the same boat as you. The last time I tried to quit I lasted 7 days and then gave in! I was so angry with myself..This time I am not going to let that happen though. I don't want my daughter to be ashamed of me because I smoke! I am quitting for good because she is getting to the age where she sees stuff and notices it. <br />
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We can do it! Just have faith in yourself. :D

Keep the faith and put in the work and it is already done. We are non-smokers for the rest of our life. We can do it!!!!!!

You are a strong person and I wish you continued strength. Most people find it impossible to quit or they get sucked back into the habit even after quitting for a while (hope that's not you!). I usually just tell them that they have the best chance of giving up smoke not by quiting but by going with an alternative-so keep this in mind if you ever feel the need to light one up ever again. It's a change of perspective -don't quit -switch. Smokers should vape with only high tech, modified electronic cigarettes. Cheaper than cigs, no smoke for your lungs anymore, lots of different flavors....devices are even rechargable. My husband smoked for 22 years and hasnt missed a tradtional cigarettes in the last 2 years he has been vaping. This is smoking of the future, google jvmodshop and check out my profile, it is an alternative smoke shop. You can have your habit and enjoy it too. :) youtube.com/watch?v=w1zXPRG3jZE here is a fun video to check out even.

Day 3 and it sucks, i quit 2 years ago but before that i smoked for 23 years... just ready to buy a new gun every two months.....invest in something useful.

keep up the quitting im on day 5 after 24 years of smoking , very hard but i believe we all can do it

We can and we will but please keep communicating, it really helps me

Keep up the good work. I am on day 14 after 45 years of smoking. Really hard to focus and not think about lighting up.

Keep going day 2 for me with you all the way

I hope that you got through Christmas and New Year ok without smoking. If not, you can always try again. I found a book that helps called Stop Smoking - Alan Carr. I haven't finished it yet but it tries to condition you to stop believing that cigarettes are good friends and shine a light on how ridiculous smoking is. They aren't. It attempts to stop the feeling of deprivation we go through when we aren't smoking. I am on my 10th day without cigarettes, and find driving without cigarettes difficult too - especially when stuck in a traffic jam! <br />
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Onwards and upwards...<br />
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You can do it! I am on day 35. Drink lots of water for the first 72 hours. One thing that helps me when driving is to either have a hot cup of latte in my hand, or a cinnamon infused toothpick in my mouth! We are all here to support you. Breathe deep. Think positive. You can do it.

Good job! This will be the best thing you ever did for yourself. Hey and look at the money you'll be saving. I'm with you I'm on day 2 with the help of Chantix.

CONGRATS!! we're in this together!!

You are doing fantastic! Keep it up and you know how much better you are going to feel! If you are struggling, just keep on "quitting" until it sticks!

yeah, yeah! do it, do it! write about how hard it is. write about what you do to pacify the urges. i've been keeping track of my "urges...." I have the urge to grab a cigarette every five minutes when I'm not smoking one!! I'm up to two packs a day, some days!!! I WANT TO QUIT but I'm not ready yet.

Keep up the work!! I hear after 21 days, the nicotine is supposed to be out of the body, and the habit " Should" be broke. Of coarse, I don't know. I'm like you, I quit during my pregnancies because of it inducing the morning sickness. But by month 4 after the pregnancy, I had such an urge to smoke one, that after sampling one I started up again! How stupid was that??!! And I have a lit cig. between my lips even NOW as I write this!! Someone has to be strong... show us how it's done!!! Good luck all the way!!