Here Is The Truth, From Someone Wo Has Quit For Years, And Than Started Again...

Narrowed it down by trial and error. I hope this knowledge helps you guys:

1. You really can't just smoke on the weekends, or when you drink, or have that just one. It some how sets a precedence in your brain that will turn you back in to a full time smoker in now time.

I have managed to have just one before, but it was in enjoyable. This last time around I had my unenjoyable just one, and than my enjoyable second third and fourth until I was a smoker again.

2. The mind is more powerful than the addiction. Truthfully, the idea of quitting smoking is a million times worse than actually not smoking. When I think about Quitting, I think about the moment after a large meal, or the break in my work day, or that cigarette on the outdoor roof top with my rum and coke... Makes the idea of quitting seem like crap. Makes it seem impossible, like how will I relax, or take a mental breather during the day? Scary idea to not have my cigarettes as a crutch in life.

Truth is, when I had bronchitis and did not smoke because it felt so unpleasurable, ten days later I found myself completely smoke free, and it wasn't obvious to me until I noticed. It was like hey, I didn't think about a cigarette today. Let's see what happens tomorrow. And as time goes by you will find all of the fears you had about quitting weren't really true, and that all of the sudden, as a former smoker, and a current smokers brain could never really comprehend this, you don't want, need, or crave a cigarette. And if you have a puff of you, you will find its like an ex gf you traveled to Paris with, good memories, but the contact now feels empty and awkward.

3. Take it day by day, you can't ell yourself it's for the rest of your life, that's to much to take on in one moment of cravings. Where as you can tell yourself, I am not going to some today, this craving will have to suffer. Its much easier.

4. Smoking does catch up with you. For the first 5 years of smoking I never had what I wield consider a negative experience or side effect that was readily noticeable except for minor things like bad breath or a little morning phlegm. Now I find myself constantly trying to expell moucus from my lungs, and discomfort even at rest. My brain tells my body it wants to smoke, now more than ever, but when I do my body pretty much says no, and the cigarette is unsatisfying, which of course continues this vicious circle.

5. Nicolette lozenges, awesome! You out them in your cheek, you get a pleasant tingling sensation and a slight buzz. Surely this can help anyone with the initial month or so of not smoking.

I have written this as someone who has quit, and restarted, and is now a current smoker, ready to make my next step my final one im quitting for ever. But I will of course, tell my self just for the day.

Good luck everyone! There really is no GOOD reason to smoke, the logic us smokers use to justify it, like you got to die of something, or, if your aren't living on the edge your taking up to much space, or the way we use examples,close grand parents who smoked every day if their lives until their 90s etc... This is all bs crap logic, and we are just lying to ourselves. Lung caner is nothing to f with, and if we have any controll over even decreasing our likely hood of getting it, why the heck not, and now!
Actualsmoker Actualsmoker
Jul 6, 2012