when i was 14 i started smoking, and i'll be honest, i thought it would make me "cool" with the older kids. of course, it did not. and i ended up smoking from the time that i was 14 until i was about 21. then one of my good friends that i grew up with got pregnant, and we quit together....i think it wsa the best decision i have ever made in my life.
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That is awesome! I wish I had a friend like that when I was pregnant!!!! I smoked 1-2 cigarettes a day during my pregnancy and I absolutely hated myself for it. I was able to cut down but not able to quit. I quit 4 days ago though and really am not giving up this time! <br />
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I am happy for you and thank you for being a good person and a good friend to your pregnant friend! That is amazing. It is good to know there are people that loving out there. :) Props!!!!

i'm glad you quit sooner than later because most people will never escape the troubles of smoke unless they give up smoking (highly unlikely) or if they find a *real* alternative that works. I stand by electronic smoking 100% because I have seen my husband quit after 22 years of smoking. He gets his stuff from www.jvmodshop.com

ex smoker to ex smoker - well done you!!

thats reli gud, well done, <br />
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ive been smokin since i was 11 & now i`m 16 i WANT 2 stop, but its too dificult. i do regret starting it in the first place. but i suppose all i can do is try my best to end the habit.<br />
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i want to quit and plan to quit too, i tried many times in the past few years but failed, i think quit smoking is the hardest thing on earth to me, but i'll try again shortly, i really want to quit

I would love to stop this wack habit. The smell sticks in my hair, fingers & clothes.

Way to go!! It's a nasty habit. The best thing one can do for their health! Again hooray for you!!

It makes me crazy to see young people smoking, because I want to make them understand that quitting now will be so much easier than quitting after 30+ years (as I did). Good for you for having the courage and the strength to quit! It is a very difficult thing to do at any age.

i've heard having someone to quit with helps. None of my friends want to quit. Or i don't have any friends, whatever.

great job and thanks for sharing! its nice to hear about people who have been successful at not picking it back up again!