2 Weeks, 20 Hours,...

2 weeks, 20 hours, 14min, 30 secs. (its a program called skype u can download) i have saved 123.49 and so far have added 1 day and 44 min. to my life!!
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That isa really cool Ap. I will have to try it!!!! Congrats to you!

keep it up! it's super hard, but you're doing great.

Thanks!! It is hard but when i saw my youngest burst into tears and i asked him why, he told me i was smoking and i would die!! Well despite doing it for me, i would do ANYTHING for my kids!!

Hey - congrats! Its hard but worth the effort. I quit a few years back and have helped many friends (well encouraged anyway) family to quit. Its hard to think about now, but a year from now you will wonder how you could ever have done it to begin with they will stink so bad to you. - KEEP UP THE GREAT EFFORT!