I Think That the Government...

I think that the government should put me in a mountain side retreat and pay for the one (1) month it would take to completely detox me from tobacco!!!!! With all the $$ (heavily taxed mind you) I have spent on smokes, I have paid for that "detox" at LEAST 90 times over!!!. Don"t forget..... the government wants us to stay addicted... yes.. who is going to buy all the "new" medicine, anti smoking products, cancer drugs if it wasn"t for us. It is a ZILLION dollar industry. They need us. They are creeps.


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2 Responses Apr 30, 2007

The tobacco companies should pay 100% for anyone who has a doctor's note saying they are addicted to cigarettes and need nicotine replacement therapy (patch, gum), counseling, etc. The tobacco companies should also pay the health care bills for people battling cancers, lung & heart diseases that can be directly traced back to a smoking habit. As for they government, they should put 100% of the monies collected from cigarette taxes into anti-smoking education and health care (they should not be using that money to fund children's hospitals, highways, schools, etc.) Most importantly, smoking should be regarded as a public health issue and dealt with by sound medical and scientific reasoning; people should stop making smokers social pariahs and passing nanny laws against them. That's my two cents.

Why should the government pay? Maybe the Tobacco company should pay for it...