10 Days Smoke Free!

I have to admit this is a LOT easier than I thought it would be. Now it's almost like I can't even remember my life as a smoker. I still get cravings but maybe 1 a day that lasts for 5-10 minutes and usually when it happens I get up and start doing stuff to keep myself busy.

Now when I see people that are smoking I understand why non-smokers used to always complain about the smell and everything....it really does smell horrible. I feel so much cleaner!

Everyone says when you give up a habit you gain a habit. I guess that's true because I have been going to the gym every single day for the past 10 days with my Fiance and I love it! I have met so many new people too! And when I meat new people I don't have to worry about my clothes smelling like smoke or my breathe smelling horrible.

I love waking up and knowing that the first thing I do is not going to consist of lighting a cigarette...I always hated that. It would depress me every morning. Life is GOOD!

***** I will say that I have had some awful dreams about smoking and I will wake up so freaked out and angry. Those aren't any fun at all. I've had maybe 3 dreams where I smoked and quit quitting and was so angry at myself. They are very vivid and feeel so real too and I'm not on any medicine either! I just quit cold turkey.

Hope this was some good inspiration!
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I too am day 10 an feeling wonderful. Cold Turkey!

Remember, smoking is a habit which seems a lot like breathing, so your animal mind may think it IS breathing, and that makes smoking an autonomic reflex. You must reach the animal part of your brain to stop the habit. and not your concious mind. The upper brain stem, (top of your neck), must be massaged while you say phrases such as"I HAVE NEVER SMOKED" and "SMOKING KILLS" This must be done just before you go to bed. Massage gently, the brain stem is sensitive.

how did you do it? i need help

4 months smoke free! Couldn't be happier!


I quite too, awhile back...was not easy for me at all.

Beautiful woman all smoke. They are so attractive taking a deep drag and exhaling the smoke. Men flock to smokers because smoking is a sexual thing.

Your a pretty girl. I would start again lightly. If you can smoke only in a social place, you will find that more men flock to you. You won't see this as much with no smoking women.

There is a reason men like women who smoke, and that is because they are easy. If your habits are bad, your morals are too, and you devalue yourself automatically. Quit smoking, gain self-respect, get better work, demand respect, and get it!

Great your smart for quitting

Beautiful woman like you doesn't need a smoke anyways. Congratz :)