So I quit for about 3 years then after a pile of bs and stress I started again but not cigarettes Prime Time cigars those damned flavored ones just tasted so good. Now again I've quit those but still crave them like crazy, it's been over a month now so I'm sure I can stay quit..
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Still quit and am not starting again

One day at a time that's all it takes! Good luck with it!!

I quit too. Electronic cigarettes helped me so much. I bought the super lites..drug stores and tobacco stores sell them. (With or without the nicotine.) When stress hits, grab the e-cig. Super good invention. I think we all cave in to stress when we're trying to stop.That's the worse time and it's not easy coping. That's the main reason I liked smoking..hope I don't start again, it's so difficult..yet worth it all.

same here I have always liked a good cigar,just the flavor and smell, when it's burning anyhow.
And yes the e smoke sort of helped a little bit I loved the watermelon flavored ones