25 Years A Smoker 11 Days Quit Cold Turkey

So... I started seriously smoking at 14 and over the past twenty five years have worked myself up to being almost a pack a day smoker (roughly 15 cigs a day). Ive tried multiple times to give them up only to go back to the same routine after a day or two. Last year I quit for about 2 weeks using the patch. This year I lost my father to lung cancer. I knew back in June it was time to let the addiction go but it took 2 more failed attempts, growing anxiety and chest pains for me to say enough!!! On September 5th at 8pm I smoked my last Newport. I dont want to die a slow painful death. I don't want my loved ones crying over me while I wheeze and suffer. Not smoking is difficult for me because smoking becomes a vice, a part of a daily routine. It's an addiction with the likeness of alcohol or heroine. Since my quit date I have read multiple articles that have given me a deeper understanding of the nicotine addiction. I will say the first week was the worst. The physical withdrawal, the emotional bouts, it felt like I was in mourning. Today is easier but I take it in stride and tell myself - I won't smoke today. And tomorrow I will do the same, I will take it one day at a time just like any other addict. To think I won't smoke for the rest of my life is overwhelming in itself so I must keep the mindset, "just for today".
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Today is my 12 day smoke free. The cravings to smoke have passed mostly but I do think about smoking at least 5 times a day but it's just that... thoughts. And because I control my own thoughts I just think of something else. What I have noticed is the anxiety that comes and goes, the chest tightness, shortness of breath and always being hungry which I have chalked up to boredom or better yet the loss of something that took up a lot of my time. It seems like I feel a bit worse in some ways but better in others since I quit.

Congratulations--were you able to sleep?how did you fight the crave?

Thanks so much. Honestly the first couple of nights were very difficult for me and I took advil PM to help me sleep even though the sleep wasnt restful and I was only able to sleep a few hours at a time. I did have very vivid dreams though and I am still dreaming of smoking. I ate quite a bit of hard candy the first couple of days, wrote in my journal alot and did crossword puzzles when idle. I think the anxiety was worse than the cravings but that has subsided some as well.The cravings are a few minutes at a time and then they pass. The mental part will last as long as you dwell on it..