8th Time The Charm???

The day was ended in a way I didn't expect, I never thought I would wake up a non smoker and go to bed a smoker. The day I was offered my first cigarette at 18 years old I didn't think much of it, I took a deep puff, coughed and hated it. I maybe had a cigarette every 2-3 weeks after and didn't really think about it. A 2 years later, my boyfriend and I broke up and right then and there the cravings hit. Since August of 2000 I have smoked 7-10 cigarettes a day and everyday I try to think of a way to quit while making room in my budget for $10.75 a pack.

Over my years of trying to quit I have heard how easy it would be for me because I only smoke a half pack a day...it really doesn't matter the amount, its the craving. I have cut myself, hallucinated, had a seizure (due to a panic attack of not being able to smoke), been violently nauseous, and had severe headache...all from my withdrawals. It has been so painful but I have to get through the pain to get to where I need to be.
This time I am taking a new approach, I am not buying tons of gum, I am not setting a date, i am just quitting. I woke up this morning and had this little 2 puff short of a cig and it gave me no value. So here I go 8th time, I pray it works this time.
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Good Girl! I hope you are successful this time and I will pray that you are. I've never had the problem, because I never picked up the habit. I guess it was because both my parents smoked and I hated it. Fortunately, my dad quit when I was in 6th grade, but my mom didn't until she was in her early 60s. I have had several friends that quit and a few of them took a few tries before they were able to quit completely. None took 8 tries, though, but the bottom line is this... when your mind makes itself up that it wants to quit, you'll quit. It's just like an alcoholic who won't get help until they hit bottom, which is different for each individual,... until they reach a point when their mind and body says "that's it. I'm done", they'll keep doing it. When they reach that point, they quit. Of course it helps to have the moral and spiritual support of friends and family. That's all too important as well. And even the encouragement of complete strangers who you've never met.
So.... you have my encouragement, dear lady.

Hope your still hanging in there! I smoked for about 30+ years and got up to over two packs a day. I was quite the addict! But have quit for almost two years now. And your right. It's not the amount that you smoke. The cravings are the cravings. When I quit I used the nicotine patches provided from the state quit line where I live. For me this worked because it took enough of the edge off to keep me from going completely bonkers while still allowing me to feel some of the withdrawals. In this way I managed to get through those first hard days.

It's never easy to quit for a variety of reasons, one being the life style changes that go with it. I also used an on line support group to help. I think they actually advertise on this site. It's called BecomeAnEx.org. Sometimes it really helps to post to others who are going through all that you are.

The main thing to remember is that you haven't failed until you quit trying!

Wich you the best!

Quitting is easy, I've done it hundreds of times....
I tried the patch but they were difficult to roll, and hell to keep lit...

Sorry about the bad jokes. It took me a hospital stay with pneumonia to finally toss the damn things permanently.....I wish you every success. It's a better world without them and the money saved is a nice little bonus.

LOL thanks so much....that "bad" jokes were perfect....I was just thinking about lighting up and I red your post...you saved me :)