4 Months And 3 Days Smoke Free!

Hello everyone. I am happy to say (without bragging) that I have managed to maintain smoke free! A lot of different stressors have came up within the 4 months of me quitting! My sister in laws 2 children that are out of control moved in with us, I started college, my Mother had a hysterectomy/ mass removed and almost died. So I can easily say that it has been a stressful past few months.

However, I have noticed that since quitting my stress has gotten a little bit better..and I rarely think of smoking or wanting a cigarette. In fact over the weekend a friend of my sister in law's smoked at a local Christmas Parade downtown in or city and the smell of it grossed me out. My Mother In Law is a closet smoker and often times when she comes in after 'walking the dog' I can smell the smoke on her jacket and it disgusts me as well.

I really have no motive to go back to smoking and I no longer find it attractive at all. The worst is when I get into an elevator with a smoker. It makes me want to get sick!

With every habit that I quit I usually tend to gain a new one. My new habit is Coke (the soda not drug). I used to use coke to wake up in the mornings and in a way I kind of replaced it as my morning cigarette. I was drinking 3-4 cans a day. Now I am down to 1-2 cans a day and I can go until the afternoon without having one. Also I have made a commitment that any time I am out in public, on a date or just zooming through the drive thru I DO NOT EVER order coke as my beverage. This is because a lot of those places have free re-fills for one, and secondly the portions are usually huge to begin with and far bigger than a small can.

The downfall of being addicted to soda is the anxiety it is causing me. My body is not used to so much caffeine/ sugar intake and it causes me to feel weak and moody when I don't have caffeine. It also makes my anxiety crazy which is why I am trying to stop drinking soda all together. The only problem is I didn't want to quit too many things at once and epically fail.

Since quitting I have been getting a lot more exercise too and I haven't really gained or lost any weight but I feel like I can finally eat again! My lungs do not ever get that burning feeling anymore when I run on the treadmill or am outside in cold weather. I feel energized when I wake up, not like I have to drag myself out of the bed so I can go downstairs and light one up.

I can tell that my breathe and smell is now smoke free and I feel like I am always fresh not like I have a musty lingering odor on me. A lot of my family smokes, my Mother, Father, 2 sisters, Uncles, Mother in Law, Sister and Brother in Law.....but I have found that if you are ready and dedicated it is easy to let others smoke around you after the initial withdrawals.

My Fiance who also quit on the same day as me (our Anniversary) has been successful too. He works at a car shop as a Mechanic and EVERYONE there smokes but he says that it doesn't bother him. Also he has gained about 15 pounds. He was scrawny when he smoked because he never wanted to eat. He looks so much more muscular now and in a weird way him gaining weight has been the sexiest thing ever. Especially in the bedroom....he feels more like a Man if that makes any sense? Anyway, I love it. His skin has gotten a lot healthier too..no more break outs. He has a lot better color to him as well...he isn't always pale.

One thing I have also noticed is when I smoked my hair used to always fall out when I got out of the shower and was brushing, blow drying, or styling it. Now my hair rarely ever falls out and if it does it is only a few strands! It is amazing!!! I was so tired of always vacuuming the house and having to clean hair off the bottom of the vacuum, or my dark rugs being covered in my hair or the shoulders of my sweaters having hairs poking at me because they fell out onto my sweater. I love not having to deal with that problem anymore!

As for the 'cigarette' after sex thing.....at first that was hard getting used to. Now I LOVE not having to worry about smoking after sex! I can just roll over and pass out....it is so much more enjoyable kissing my Fiance too without that nasty smoke breathe!

I have so much more time to play with my daughter as well! If you think about it I was smoking 10-20 cigarettes a day and that is a lot of time outside smoking! Now I have more time to read to my daughter and play silly games with her and I can tell she loves having a smoke free Mommy too! I am happier, more confident and I don't have that gross smell anymore!

I couldn't have made a better choice!
18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012