Im Trying So Hard

me and my husband are trying to quit smoking cigarettes...i made it 7 days until i took three draws from a smoke he got upset with sorry maybe im just not as good as quiting as he is...anyways today is day 9 and he smoked and blamed me.. ...just to put it out there i have gone thru a med trauma that effects us both.... he is fine with it and iam not so much...advice plz
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

You cannot blame anyone else for anyones journey. You will quit when you are ready. A set back is just that. And if he smoked, that is on him. We all make choices, I am choosing to not smoke this year and so far so good. I do not judge anyone else. I have quit so many times, although this time does feel different. I think I am ready this time.

No need to blame each other at all - that's just not accepting personal responsibility. At least the both of you are trying and that's the important part.