She's Disturbingly Skinny, W/a Huge Pot Belly!

My sister came to visit. Her whole life she has been a little over weight, now she's skinny with a big potbelly. She hadn't noticed the weight loss...she was still thick six months ago.
I cared for my mom 4 years ago and Grand Dad soon after, lost both to Cancer. I have less than no desire to to go through that again and I mean that in the most understated way possible! This is my sister.
The first thing I think is shes 40 I'm 42...I don't wanna die. I smoke less, eat better but she has been a daily walker. I wheeze and when I get a cold it sets into my lungs every time...lately. I've quit cold turkey ten+ times, The psychical I can handle it's the mental that get's me.
I have yet to find out what's going on w/my sister.
I haven't had a smoke in 4 days.
I want my breathing to matter more to me than a smoke.
I want me breathing easy to matter to me more than a Fing smoke.
I want my health to matter more to me than a smoke.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I truly wish you luck with your smoking. I smoked for a number of years and finally shortness of breath drove me to the Dr's. She told me to try Chantix. She said its not for everyone but if it might work for you. Short story - It worked, I no longer smoke. Yes ! You will find lots of pleasure in each day you dont smoke and it will keep building. A week. A month, next thing it will be 3 months YEA. Thing is I really do wish you well, no matter what method you choose..