I Quit.

Now.. many times I've tried quitting and I failed.
But this time I guess it's here to stay. This is my fifteen time I'm quitting and I haven't touched a cigarette since July 2012.
And I have even more reasons why I should say no to cigarettes now.
Firstly, God gave me a healthy body and here I am destroying it.
Secondly, my girlfriend. (Yes I'm gay, don't judge.) She's been here with me ever since New Year's Eve and she hopes I won't touch a cigarette. She hates smokers.
So yeah. I'm finally quitting once and for all. I'm going to the gym daily and eating chocolate whenever I urge for a smoke break. I hope I won't get hold of any cigarette and put it to my lips ever again.
RyuichiD RyuichiD
Jan 13, 2013