Today Is My First Day Without Smoking :)

i've been smoking since i was 16 now i'm 21 .. and never quit before even for a day . i'm i really heavy smoker . i smoke around 40 cig a day . i know its too much but i had really tough time . so what i'm feeling right now totally ****** up . i can't see can't think . the feeling that i want to smoke never gone it's just with me all day . but don't worry i have really powerful motivation to quit it . and btw all my friends smokers . :S . every one keep saying i'm not going to quit it . it's hard i know but i'm going to do it and prove them that they r wrong .
Illidanstorm Illidanstorm
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

wish you both all the luck in beating the habit, tobacco has killed too many.

thank u ... next Sunday . it will be my 28's day