How I Quit Smoking

Personally I had a really tough time quitting smoking...
First i tried nicorette, but it just didn't work, i found myself chewing over a pack of gum a day, but it just wasn't worth it, the gum cost more than the cigs did and i just became addicted to it instead.
So, then i tried the patch, but it just plain did not work.... which was when i realized my real problem wasn't just smoking
So, i went into a therapist, and found out that i actually have an oral fixation (some sort of freudian thing i guess)

well so there i was with my oral fixation and smoking habit that was bound to give me cancer, and after the therapist i had no money to pay for any other well.. common methods of quitting

but i had an idea; i called up one of my close male friends and thought i would try something fun.

Long story short.. IM OFF THE CIGS... well.. now i'm sucking cawk every day.. but at least i'm not going to get cancer =], and the ***** does wonders for my complexion
senna senna
18-21, M
Jun 20, 2007