Wellbutrin Is a God Send

i smoked from 16 until i was 26. i quit once but then got stressed & started smoking again. well, my dr gave me wellbutrin last october. i haven't smoked since. i could kiss the person who invented buproprin. i think thats the bit that makes you quit. i only ever want one if i've been out drinking w/ the friends. and that's rare. so yay for me. w00t!
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6 Responses Jul 11, 2007

I just started taking it and hope it helps me quit. Its nice to see it worked for you!

I tried smoking but I didn't like it. I wasn't addict to it.<br />
Keep up the good job.

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Good for you!

That is very cool.

When I hear things like that I feel so proud for anyone who manages! Good for you! Keep up ^_^

good luck keep up the good work...I quit and want one soo bad, we can make it :)