I Quit

I can't remember what day now.. last week of June anyway.. I had help, stopstudy.ca
31-35, M
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Good for you! Who cares how one does it, just as long as you do!<br />
Personally, i went cold turkey, which is SUPPOSED the be the way to the highest<br />
success rate. It wasn't hard, as i was ready anyway. 4 yrs this March 6th for me. I cannot believe it myself, after almost 25 yrs of smoking. Yay for you...keep it up, and praise yourself daily, or when you see someone with a cigarette. Life only gets better and better....congratulations!!!


I have been smoke free since

Proud of you!!! My son quit 4 years ago after his Dad died from COPD and emphysema. The man had to take a hit of Albuterol just to puff his cigarette. I wish my daughter would quit. I'm going to check out the site you mention. My son used a product called "Smoke Away" - it's herbal and it worked. But, I think he was really motivated and wanted to quit - that has to happen first.