Making the Most

I tried once before successfully for three months but upon returning to Italy, where I began smoking, I started again.  This time, my experience was quite different.  I quit initially for health reasons - I had a bad respiratory infection.  The second time, it was brain surgery.  My then friend, now boyfriend, dropped me on my head.  I suffered a skull fracture and a epidural hematoma - hemorrhaging inside of my skull.  After a week without a cigarette for the whole surgery/recovery, I just didn't feel the need to go back.  I have not had one since.  It has been over five months.  I didn't have to use any sort of assistance.  The mental power and motivation behind healing and health was enough to make me realize, I just didn't need them.  But good lord, do I want them.  Still.  I have cravings all the time.  Being able to say that I have the will power to restrain myself is so much more rewarding.  I thank myself constantly, and will continue to on into my future.
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1 Response Jul 23, 2007

Do a lot of people smoke in Italy? I know a lot of people do in France... if I lived somewhere where "everyone" smoked, I probably would not be able to resist starting again.<br />
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You might try buying a pack of Commit Lozenges just for when you do get cravings.. it really helps me.