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I stopped when I ran out of smokes, I just didn't go buy any more. I'm in a house alone with my 2 year old and 2 dogs, but when I go home, I'll be surrounded by smokers and that will be the real challenge.
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3 Responses Jan 15, 2007

You know, the ugly truth is that most people will never escape the troubles of smoke unless they give up smoking (highly unlikely) or if they find a *real* alternative that works, few are the cold turkey quitters these day but i commend those that do! For everyone else, I stand by electronic smoking 100% because I have seen my husband quit after 22 years of smoking. He gets his stuff from www.jvmodshop.com

I have cut back alot with the smoking. the other nite i noticed that it was going up with the smoking instead of going down. so when I went to bed, i woke up during the early moring and noticed that I was shaking a little bit, then I thought that was it for me. So when my son was here visiting over the weekend, I dropped drastically, only smoked 4 cigs yesterday, and today only had 2. so I am almost there! My hubby still smokes but I am going to tell him that he can only smoke in the den! I also told him that I'm quitting smoking! so I'm almost there!

I've got a smoker in my house. More stressful days its been hard, but otherwise you just really notice the smell and its annoying.