I Stopped Smoking

I stopped smoking on Sept. 22, 2007 after almost 40 years of "pack a day" smoking. I loved smoking and was always resistant to quitting, but my kids got to me by saying things like "Hey Dad, you know we love you, and you are getting older and smoking is taking you away from us" and I finally said OKAY, I'll try to stop. I went on a "cut-down" by only allowing myself 15 smokes a day for a month and a half (sometimes I had more, but mostly 12 to 15 a day). Then I cut back to 5 a day for three weeks, then 2 a day. By now, the 2 a day were making me "drunk" when I smoked them. I could hardly walk after a smoke, so one day (the now famous 22 Sept. '07) I said "that's it, didn't have my second that day, nor any day since.

I had tried to stop before, but really never seriously meant it. I only stopped when I was 100% ready to stop. I am taking the alcoholic's approach of one day at a time, and so say "I stopped", not saying that I quit.

I stopped, and you can too!


elcornudofeliz elcornudofeliz
56-60, M
Feb 16, 2009