Hope It's For Good

I quit smoking 5 months ago, and although I do feel the benefits of quitting, I still struggle daily temptations.

3 years ago, my mum died from lung cancer.....that didn't make me quit.....my hubby got lung cancer......that didn't make me quit......A year and a half ago my brother died from testicular cancer that spread to both his lungs.....he or I didn't quit......Late last year I was diagnosed with COPD and bingo.....I quit!  The only thing that got to me was thinking that I would have to walk aroung with an oxygen bottle to breathe....my biggest fear has always been not being able to breathe, to draw that breath when I need to, so ofcourse when I heard this could very well be the case and that I could at least improve my lung capacity by giving up smoking I though.....what a great motivator you are!


luvluvin luvluvin
41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Thankyou both for your comments, support and encouragement, i really appreciate it.......as for the weed lilycue, i am still smoking that but cut right down....enjoy it too much :)

Wow, incredible story luvluvin! Onya! I am glad you stopped too! Cancer is the killer in my family tree as well. Hang in there. Each day is easier…and if you slip, don’t fall, just start anew! <br />
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Cheers <br />