I'm Glad I Quit

I never call myself a chain smoker.  I smoke a stick or three a day only but when I hang out with friends for a coffee...I get carried away and smoke almost twenty sticks a session.  Some asks me, how I feel when I smoke or how it taste or what is it for me?  They're tough questions because I don't like to answer it.  Honestly, I don't know how to answer that.  I don't want them to think that I enjoyed it like I enjoy eating chocolate.  I don't want them to start smoking because of me, too. 

My dad smoke.  He smoke 1 pack a day and I can see how it affects his health everyday.  I din't pay attention at first 'cuz I know I could quit anytime I want.  It made me feel free when I smoke so, I went on and on.  Thinking about it now, maybe everything was just for social purposes.  Maybe I wanted to prove myself that I am tough.  Maybe I wanted them to see that I am not naive or that am not ignorant.  I was just pretending to be someone I am not.  It struck me, I wasn't myself.  My sister kept telling me to stop 'cuz no one will like me if I smoke.  I am a girl per say.  She got a point but I was too proud of myself.  I am cool, I said to myself.  But, I was wrong.  She was right, I look ugly when I smoke.  I feel dry and dirty.   My lips got darker and unattractive.  When I looked at myself on the mirror, it dawned on me, I have to stop.

My friends laughs at my sudden change.  They couldn't believe it.  This time I am proud to say that I quit.  It's a wonderful feeling.  I can't promise that I might not try a stick someday but at least I survived without smoking a week or two.  That's a big accomplishment for me.  Somehow, I don't feel like helping my father think that smoking is okay.   I can't stop him and it's probably too late for him to realize that but I hope he'll see the full picture. 


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You can't "survive" your whole life, relax....you're a non smoker now! Just remember it only takes one to have to start the process of nicotine physical and mental detox once again....don't make the same mistake I did :) Congrats!

it din't work out. tsk but i am working on it again. slowly. tnx for askn'. =D

Read Allen Carr's the Easy Way to Quit Smoking.

how's the quit going?

good goin! <br />
i'm a smoker myself.. but only wen with frnds... the reason bein same as wat u mentioned.. but still i have the capability of stopping at 2.. or max 3 at a time..unlike my frnds who go on n go.. i m mocked wen i tell them to lessen the no. atleast if not quit. well.. i hope they do it someday before its too late!

You did a great thing. I love the fact that you set a goal and stuck with it. I wish the people I knew that smoked would do the same, but I am still hopeful for them...

I'm totally encouraged by this story. I hope that I can add mine on soon. Keep up the good work.

good morning wandafull27! Just to let you know that I QUIT SMOKING as of today! it was a long road for me. but when I was trying to sleep i noticed one night that I felt shaky and couldn't sleep. So after this experience happend with me that was it! I enjoy having a good nite sleep. and I did last nite. I was wondering thru the nite if my heart was still working. But I am awake now and I know that yes it is working.<br />
Wouldn't you like to enjoy a good nite sleep?

Good for you !! You have taken one of the most important steps of your life. Not only will it improve your health and financial wellbeing but will give a major boost to your self confidence by showing that you can overcome severe adversity. <br />
<br />
You have one problem though that you need to solve -- you have not quit yet. The only way you are going to really quit is to not say ". . . I can't promise that I might not try a stick someday . . .". Try considering the reality of not ever ever having or wanting a cigarette again. It probably invokes a cold sweat.<br />
<br />
If you do have that stick you will be as addicted as you ever were. Trust me. I know.

CONGRATS!! we're in this together!!