I Quit Smoking Completely

I quit smoking  on the 28th of  December  2006. I like sharing my story with other ex smokers or smokers, as  only they truely know what it's like to a) Be a addicted to cigarettes, and b) give up smoking.

Giving up 3 days before New Years eve may seem daft, but sometimes you just feel NOW is the time, not tomorrow..not in 5 minutes time..NOW.

I gave up cold turkey, tbh I don't really believe in Patches or other forms of nicotine replacement.

The first 3 months were difficult, especially during exams and socialising. But after that I only craved once a week, and now (at 7 months) hardly ever.

The best piece of advice I could give to someone who wants to quit is to accept that you will never take another puff ever. My friend has 'quit' for 5 months but she still craves. This is because she 'accidently' slips and smokes a cigarette  about once a month.

I think this is my best achievement ever, when you look at what the benefits are, and also how many people aren't ready to quit yet.
Anniebella Anniebella
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 15, 2007

I would love to stop. I tried so many times, but the moods i am forced into due to my weak cravings. I go nuts when people take too long at the ATM machine. Ok, not mental nuts, but give people a stern telling off. I admire your strength.