I Quit Smoking

After smoking for 27yrs years I was really tired and I wanted to stop.I had prayed on it several times but I because i just did not of course I was not ready.One day I decided that this was it and I was tired and that there had to be something else so,I prayed and asked for forgiveness. I was so tired of everything and smoking oh what I do if I could quit.I was preparing breakfast for myself and I lit a cig.and before I took a drag I began to pray and asked GOD to Please help me,take these cigs and srr that I never smoke again. With that prayer I than Threw the cigs.across the kitchen table and continued to prepare my breakfast.That particular (feb.15,2006),after eating breakfast and drinking my coffee I became extremely tired but I did not pick-up. It seemed to be so easy and I had no taste for one so I continued the day on. I rested and about 7:PM I went to get my grandson from his friends house where  the grandmother of this child smoked. She was smoking and offered but in return I said no and it did not bother me at all. That night I got sick but it came and it left.About (2) days later I started feeling this pain in my chest and I thought that it was because I had stopped smoking so I would just put it behind me, until it became a problem in breathing and walking a mile or even a couple of feet.I went to the hospital on Feb 21,2009,because of chest pains and shortness of breath and besides as I stepped inside of the ER doors I stopped breathing. After about so many seconds I was waited on in Triage and than sat back in waiting room and than called to the back to actually get waited on.Upon going in a room I was immediately hooked up to the oxygen and it read 25.This was about 10:30AM.I stayed hooked to the oxygen allday and about 2:30PM I was diagnosed as having a DVT(Deep Vein Thrombosis)BLOOD CLOT that had traveled to my heart (Pulmonary Embolism)and the only thing that kept it from breaking was a cough. I did not have a cough but if I had not stop smoking I would have. Scarey situation,I stayed in the hospital 9days.Imagine no cig for (9)days.Than about 3 days later I heard a gunshot in my neighborhood and it scared me so bad that I picked up and took (2) puffs. No feeling whatsoever. Later that night I went to smoke the other half and it scald my chest like a sizling burn ex(water on Ironing board and put a hot iron on it),lightheaded,dizzy enough to fall so I threw it down and never picked -up again. As of today from Mar.2nd,2006 til present clean,free of a cig and it feels good

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It help other<br />
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