Why I Quit Smoking

about two years ago I was a heavy smoker and I got pregnant.  I told my self that I couldn't quit so Instead of quitting I cut down.  About 12 weeks into my pregnancy I lost the baby.  Miscarriages happen often so I can't for sure tell you that my actions led to my miscarriage but just the thought that my actions could have caused my miscarriage makes me feel ashamed.  After my miscarriage I tried for several months to get pregnant again.  It wasn't until I did some research that I realized what smoking can do to someones fertility so I quit and I got pregnant with my now daughter Skyler who is 5 months old.  After her birth I went back to smoking.  I, like many others used the excuse that I needed it to deal with stress but I didn't feel good most of the time and It occupied to much of time.  After smoking I didn't want to hold her because of the way that I smelled.  My husband turned to me and said "you know, your not going to be able to be here for us very long if you keep on smoking".  It was then that I decided that I had to take charge of my health.  I threw all my cigarettes away.  It was hard at first but it became easy very quickly.  After a month of not smoking I stopped thinking about it all the time.  Now I have been smoke free for three months.  I only wish that I would have quit sooner.

Glor0204 Glor0204
22-25, F
Mar 28, 2009