31 Days Clean and Never Looking Back...

I started smoking when I was like 10 or 11(well first time trying them) I started really smoking(full time) when I was about 14 or 15 years old....I dont know why ,maybe to be cool like my dad or the older kids or my friends or the moviestars and rockstars I idolized....who knows..but anyway I smoked a pack or so a day from that age untill just last month(one of those cheesy resolution things that usually never happen...I'd tried to qut a few time before,going like a couple of months with out smoking but then always started again...not this time...they look bad,smell bad,taste bad,and are just plain expensive...and inconvenient depending oin wich state you live in....bottom line it's just plain stupid to keep making a multi billion dollar a year industry even more wealthy and powerfull...and not to mention extending your natural  life span by a few years...either way you look at it there is absolutly nothing "cool"about it...ciggarettes just plain suck...thats my story  and I'm stickin with it
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CONGRATS! I quit once for 28 days and then smoked a cigarette because I was around my friends in Charlottesville and they were all smoking. I was so mad at myself I cried later that day. I hated myself. I really think my friends convinced me because they were jealous that I had quit and they knew they couldn't. Obviously they weren't real friends though. I am quitting again....this time with my Fiance. It is going well!<br />
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So happy for you!!!!!

CONGRATS!! we're in this together!!

That is great news! You've gone past the hardest part so just keep on sticking with it. :)

Good For you. My aunt had a tough time stopping too.