after 1 year of smoking

I was 15 years old, walking home after school with my friend Mark, Mark called a guy over to ask him for a cigarette, I asked him for one too, I've never touched a cigarette before I just asked him to make him believe I smoke, probably just to look "cool". Mark and I went into his room where we smoked, I was so scared that my mom will smell it and get mad, so Mark gave me some of his perfume. My mom had no idea. My whole family didn't smoke, I know that my dad used to smoke for 3 years but he quit when he married. My brother smoked but my mom didn't know he was hiding it for months. Then I started to buy my own cigarettes I smoked about 4 a day, it made me feel cooler and older. I was spiting all the time, my mom used to tell me that smokers always spit. That's why I tried not to spit in front of her, but one time when I was walking home and didn't know that she was looking out of the window and she saw me spit. But I told her that I ate something disgusting. But my mom found out, she saw a picture of me holding a cigarette. How stupid of me to let her pick up my developed pictures. She told me to stop and I was like "ok" But I didn't, I smoked for a about a year. Then I had trouble breathing. That is when I realized that I just had to stop. I quit on my 16th birthday. that is 4 years ago and I smoked only a few cigarettes since then but not because I wanted to, I just did it to check my boyfriends reaction. I don't feel like smoking anymore but I really enjoy the smell. I promised my boyfriend that I won't start again so that gives me another reason not to start. But whenever I'm stressed out I feel like smoking but like I said. I won't :)

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I'm 20 now and I started smoking when I was 18.
I'm trying to quit now, but all I could do was to reduce the numbers to four cigarettes a day.

I started smokeing just befor I turned 13. I'm naw 16 and I can't quit its to hared. Nothing workes I smoke about 5 to 6 paks a day that's 150 cigorets a day. Top that its Export'A' blue 1 of the worst smokes fer your body eveiryone in my family gave up on me and I started smoking on avreag 225 cigorets a day.that's about $120 a day its not worth it.


Same stroy with me i started at 15,5 and im 16,5 about a year of smoking starting to get to a pack a day i still didnt stop i think im going to really fast

Teens don't smoke to be cool, don't do anything to be cool. Just kno your cool doing your own thing what you feel comfortable doing.

UGGGH. I quit smoking 13 months ago next week. lately it has become near impossible! How have you tackled the increase in need? The first six months seemed challenging but manageable. The second 6 months torturous but got through it. This last month has been worse that all the others combined… man do i want a smoke!


I am just reading some of these young pepole trying to give up. I was 15 years old when i startded am now 45 be trying for the last two year to get off them.Anyway am off them now nearly a year it isnt easy.I now have a lung diesease am at the early stages of it and i know it from smoking with years. so i hope this massage will get a cross to some of you out their and that it help someone.

I am just reading some of these young pepole trying to give up. I was 15 years old when i startded am now 45 be trying for the last two year to get off them.Anyway am off them now nearly a year it isnt easy.I now have a lung diesease am at the early stages of it and i know it from smoking with years. so i hope this massage will get a cross to some of you out their and that it help someone.

i was only 13 when i started. i wanted my friends to think i was cool. i did however manage to quit 3 times but im still smoking. i want to quit so bad forever this time but i just cant seem to quit. please any suggestions. oh yea im a chain smoker that doesnt help i am 32 years old now.

I was in the parking lot at high school and some popular girls offered me a cigarette. I tried it and thought they would want to be my friend.

yah.,it makes u feel cooler when ur smoking.,<br />
<br />
i started smoking when i was 11.,<br />
i just wanted to try.,but i liked the smell of it and the taste.,like minty flavor thing.,<br />
<br />
i'm now 13.,<br />
but i already stoped.,

I quit smokin and its been about 3 weeks. <br />
Yesterday, I attempted to have a cigarette after a tramautic event, and I hurled

thats how i started i thought i was cool but i was only12!

smoking is not good but yet still most of us does why, am glad that you stop because otherwise from breathing problems it also gives bad breath and as females we all should not. i am 23 years of age and i have being smoking form i was in second form in high school whis was age 14.i myself as stop smoking for about eight months now and am proud because it used to cost my pocket alot because i used to smoke up to three packs a day. thank god you have made the right choice god bless you ok sometimes i fell like i should start back but then when i think about it, its not a good idea. am proud of myself but am proud of you more

If you were diagnosed with lung cancer or emphysema I think that may make you quite cold turkey and never try it again. My father was diagnosed with emphysema and quit smoking right away. He walked out of the doctor's offfice and threw the cigarettes away. He has never touched one since then. He said he did not want to be on an oxygen machine for the rest of his life. He still has the cough and soetimes it is hard for him to breath, but he is still alive. <br />
<br />
He smoked in the house the entire time I lived at home. Sometimes it was cigarettes and sometimes a pipe. I ove the smell of a pipe. He did not realize what damage he was doing not only to himself but those around him. My mother has acute asthma now and I have a morning cough from it. <br />
<br />
Smokers cannot smell the horrible smell the smoke brings into a house or upon themselves because their nose hair folicals have the smell em<x>bedded into them. My husband smoked for over thirty years and the smell would reek in the curtains, sofa, etc... He said he never knew how made the smoke smelled until after he gave it up. He was so addicted to smoking that when I asked him to go outside and smoke because our son was very asthmatic he told me to tell him to say out of the room he was smoking in. He was so thoughless and still is. <br />
<br />
My mother-in-law would smoke the filterless camel cigarettes. Those without filters are even worse for you. She was finally diagnosed with lung cancer and had to have half of her left lung removed because it make a hole in her lung. Do you think that stopped he? No she would hide it from us and spray perfume in the house when we would come home. She dies a year later and I found many packs of cigarettes hidden under her bed, in her dresser drawers, and even cigarette butts under her bed. It was a wonder she did not burn our house down, since she lived with us. <br />
<br />
I still love the smell when a cigarette is freshly lit, but I hate the rest of the smelly smoke. It must be a reminder of when I was young.

Well done. In order to quit for life you must completely forget the memory of smoking otherwise you may be tempted in later life. Think of yourself BEFORE you ever smoked. Life was OK then, wasn't it? No thoughts of ciggies. Just remember, smoking is walking a minefield, it just about harms every organ in the body as well as shortening life. It is said that every cigarette smoked shortens life by eleven minutes. This does not matter to young people but it certainly matters when you reach fifty or so. Each puff of a cigarette damages and irritates your lungs by depositing cancer forming tar on the delicate membrane that transfers oxygen from the air into your blood stream. The tar just sits there with its cancer forming agents gnawing away hoping that they can just turn one cell in your lungs into a cancer cell. This cell then does its work by multiplying and spreading throughout your (lovely young) body. Just a final thought, if cancer attacks one of the lower lobes of your lungs, there is a 94% chance that you will die within (I think) three years. In other words the death rate is horrendous even after the lung is removed. I could go on and on but perhaps this is for later if anyone wants some more encouragement to give up smoking.<br />
Just a note for those who are trying to get their loved ones to quit. Please remember, nicotine is the most addictive drug known and giving up can be very very difficult. Don't nag, just support and encourage. <br />
Good luck and success to everyone except the tobacco companies!