40 Days and Counting

This has been my third and most successful time attempting to quit after 2 years of a 10-20 a day habit. I used 21mg nicotine patches, not even the whole box but maybe 12 patches over three weeks, and for the past three weeks I've had no nicotine. Its been great, saving money, feeling healthier, regaining my sense of smell, running around lakes and up stairs... but it's still very, very hard. I'm around smokers constantly and the only thing keeping me from starting up again is how much it would suck to make it 41+ days the next time I quit.

mungojerry mungojerry
18-21, M
6 Responses Apr 18, 2009

well 3 seconds is a whole lot better than 7 minutes..thats awesome.. so happy for you!<br />

My cravings last about 3 seconds now, which is pretty cool!

keep counting those days! you can do it! thats exactly how i quit.. counting days and not wanting to start over. and also .. every time you get a craving..remember it only lasts 7 minutes..then its gone forever :)<br />

I feel fantastic! I feel more athletic, verbal, and animated than I have in over two years.<br />
<br />
But, I equate smoking as being equal to other terrible lifestyle choices, I wouldn't feel this great if I'd been eating fast food or drinking soda, two other habits I had set out to quit at the start of '09. Or watching tv 5 hours a day. Or anything else, it'll all kill ya :)

I hear this is hard. Congratulations on your success so far. I wish you 40 years, one day at a time, without cigarettes. Do you feel better other than the cravings?

I am very proud of you. :)