The Most Difficult Thing I Have Done

I began smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco when I was in high school.  Being cool and fitting in were my main priorities back then.  I would chew regularly, and only smoke when I drank.  I never thought I would become addicted.  Before college began, I decided to quit my disgusting habits.  After a day of being tobacco free I went nuts.  I had to have my dip.  This was when I first realized that I was addicted to tobacco.

Throughout college, and the years after I finished my degree, I tried numerous times to quit.  I just could not have a beer without a cigarette.  Also, I could not watch a tv show, movie or sporting event without my dip.  Finally, after many tries I kicked my nasty habits in the beginning of 2007. 

I have been tobacco free for eight months now.  The first two weeks were hell.  Pure hell.  I do still use nicotine replacement therapy off and on, but that is better than smoking or dipping.  It is still hard from time to time especially when I drink.  However, the smell of cigarettes makes me sick, and the sight of dip looks gross to me now.

If I can do it, anyone can.  The key is that you have to be sure that you are ready.  I also find that taking each day one at a time helps (although that is easier said than done).  I wake up each day and tell myself that today I will not smoke or dip.  I just hope I never slip up!

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1 Response Sep 9, 2007

I am impressed. Did you find that nicotine replacement therapy helps?