Trying Not to Start Back

I quit smoking over a year ago. I quit as soon as the doctor said "your pregnant." I soon noticed how bad it stunk and swore I would never smoke again. I have been doing pretty good until recently. My husband has started back and I am doing my best not to slip. The only thing that is keeping me from starting back is I don't want my baby to have to breath it from my clothes or from my breath. I have banned anyone from bringing a pack of Marlboro lights anywhere near me. The problem is I have been so stressed here recently and I have also given up drinking too because for one my husband is very active in his rehab program and it be tacky for me to be drinking I feel and also because I have a baby and I don't see how I can give him the full attention he needs if I am under the influence. I am going to have to find a way to deal with stress because I don't want to slip and smoke.

ethansmommy1006 ethansmommy1006
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1 Response Jul 13, 2009

Why are you complaining? Enjoy it, relish in it. It's great not having to smoke. Did you know that smoking causes stress. Fact. It doesn't do a thing for you. Such as nicotine addiction. See the positive in not smoking, smoking is very negative pastime.