36 Hours Stronger

Well, after 24 years of smoking, I finally quit yesterday. I started taking a new prescription called Chantix that helps you quit  by working on a receptor in the brain that cuts the pleasure you receive from smoking.

It's only been about 36 hours since my last cigarette but I'm feeling overall pretty calm about it. I've only tried to quit one other time seriously in my life but I was such a crying mess that it was ridiculous! I couldn't believe it, a grown woman crying because I wanted a cigarette so bad!

My mother has emphysema and uses an oxygen tank at home and a portable one when she leaves the house, she just got a breathing treatment machine for use at home as well. I guess that is one of my biggest motivations to quit this time. I have asthma and I just see myself rushing head first into being her... and that is scary!

I admit I am a little scared for some reason to do without my "longtime little friend and companion" but I know this is something that I have to do, and do it for good this time.

Sept 21st, well I've set a new record now. I got past those first 36 hours and another week has passed and I'm still doing great. I am so happy and thankful that I am still not smoking. My breathing is getting better and I feel better overall. I'm still taking the Chantix and they do make it much easier on me to not smoke, but I seem to have a hard time falling asleep with them, but once I'm asleep... look out because I crash and don't wake up till 9 or so hours later! (I typically sleep 5-6hrs per night)

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Iv gone 36 hours without smoking using only niqutine mini's there mints that you suck on until they've gone they have 4mg of nicotine in each 1 ,I would never take Chantix they have far to many bad side affects including sleep depravation and nightmares , I feel good right now Im looking forward to seeing how I feel in 1 week.

GREAT JOB! So happy for you!!! My Dad tried Chantix but it gave him very disturbing nightmares night after night and he couldn't sleep at all on the medicine so he quit it. Now he is smoking again. <br />
<br />
I have not smoked for 4 days and I feel great. I must say working out is a HUGE help and it takes away the anxiety of quitting. :D

You are doing amazing. Great job

Great for you. You are a strong person and I wish you continued strength. Most people find it impossible to quit or they get sucked back into the habit even after quitting for a while (hope that's not you!). I usually just tell them that they have the best chance of giving up smoke not by quiting but by going with an alternative-so keep this in mind if you ever feel the need. It's a change of perspective -don't quit -switch. Smokers should Just Vape with some high tech, modified electronic cigarettes. Cheaper than cigs, no smoke for your lungs anymore, lots of different flavors....devices are even rechargable. My husband smoked for 22 years and hasnt missed a tradtional cigarettes in the last 2 years he has been vaping. This is smoking of the future, google jvmodshop and check out my profile, it is an alternative smoke shop. You can have your habit and enjoy it too. :) youtube.com/watch?v=w1zXPRG3jZE here is a fun video with some of the devices and more info

Congratulations !!!!! <br />
I had heard about that chantix tablet its a quit smoking pill its a 12 week programme but it has some minor side effects also ,nut great with quitting smoke... keep it up all the very best..

Congrats ,..its not that hard to stop <br />
i hope this hours would become to weeks to months & to years....<br />

first of all smoking will harm you in the long run, it is not your friend, more and more you will began to breath a little better. Thank the Most High that you are alonding Him to live in the body with you once again.

My last cigarette was 02/18/07, and quitting is one of the best things I ever did for myself. I had lots of gastric problems with Chantix, although I could not have quit without it, so I cut my dose in half after one month. did not have problems with the decrease. Also went to a smoking cessation message board, which played an enormous role in keeping me on track. To all who are trying: Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

Chantix is a 12 or 24 week program so keep up the good work. Never vary from your doctor's recommended program because you need all of the time that Chantix can buy you in order to cure the behavioral portion of your pernicious cigarette smoking habit.

I'm very happy for u :) I wish I can stop smokin I have been smoking for 2 years now

good luck, and my best wishes.

CONGRATS!! we're in this together!!