2 Months and Counting

I quit smoking 2 months ago, I think I'm finally over that constant deep desire to pick up a cigarette. I'm feeling quite proud of myself because I was a heavy smoker and reluctant to quit, so I'm proud that I've got this far. But sometimes I still feel this massive psychological urge to smoke, and for a few minutes I'll want to just run down to the shop and buy a packet. But then I think about the money I'm saving and how nice it is not to be beholden to nicotine anymore. I'm glad that I'm not puffing away as I type this, it's such a change to have a keyboard that I don't have to shake ashes out of sometimes.

Here's hoping that this time next year smoking will just be a distant memory.

milque milque
31-35, F
3 Responses Sep 5, 2009

Glad to know that you quit 2 months ago. A sense of pride is essential to prevent any relapse. I just quit on 1st Sept. & each passing day instills confidence & pride . Cravings & boredom are a big challenge for me but I take heart from reading stories like yours.

If it helps at all I'd been quitting for about a year before this time finally stuck. I'd do a couple of days then cave. But eventually I got more than a couple of days, and I'm sure you will too:-)

Well done very well done I can try but I find excuses to keep putting it off. I wish I had your power. You have inspired me to try again.