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What's That Smell??

After smoking for 25 of my 42 years of age. I now know what things smell like. And I'm not all together sure that is a good thing! Being a smoker, I knew I couldn't really smell cigarettes, but I thought everything else was basically the same for some reason. Now after a few weeks of not smoking, I've learned the following things.

1. Cigarettes stink to high heaven!

2. My mothers house really does smell like a Pug.

3. Frying meat is really pretty nasty. I keep wondering if things are still "good" because ummm are they supposed to smell like that?

4. I have really good taste since my favorite perfume Obsession still smells Divine! Let me tell you, that was a relief!

5. Those wonderful "clumping odor eating" cat litter brands don't work nearly as well as I thought they did!

I'm still not smoking, not even a puff and am learning that its a smelly world we live in!


Sheena Sheena 41-45, F 55 Responses Sep 26, 2006

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Oh my god, everything stinks to high heaven. No wonder I started smoking, how do people live like this. It's awful.

I quit smoking 3.5 years ago and my sense of smell wasn't affected much by smoking or quitting. I didn't usually blow smoke directly out of my nose so I'm sure that prevented the severe loss of smell that occurs when people smoke cigs. My sense of taste didn't change either. But also, my nose was never all that good to begin with, neither is my dad's, though his nose is much worse than mine. He has to bring me old food from the fridge to smell it to see if it smells rotten. LOL Mom's nose was always super sensitive, so maybe it's a good thing I didn't inherit her sense of smell. Haha!

I started smoking 11 months ago after not smoking for 18 years. I'm using electric cigs now and working hard to quit. We have to move - no landlords want smokers. What can I do? I've washed everything - twice. I've washed my hair countless times, but I know I still stink of tobacco. All of my neighbors smoke & due to the situation our landlord landed us in, we've been meeting at a house with 9 other. ^ of them smoke, I told both prospective landlords that I've been in that apartment with lits of smoke around me. I want the smell gone. I'm drinking gallons of water & washing my hands, etc. Any other suggestions??

E-cigs (vaping) is not smoking. Some fluids have nicotine some don't but still it's not smoking and does not stink like smoking does. It also is not the health hazard smoking is and do not listen to those who say it is . They're idiots. Buy a good unit like an innokin and when the urge to light-up hits take (3) puffs from your vape instead. Go to youtube and check out "indoorsmokers". Vaping is a lifestyle and the best thing to happen to public health since antibiotics. Join us and spread the word ! You can save lives in the process !

That is very funny and very true

Congratulations! I quit as a New Year's resolution for January 1999 and haven't smoked since (in any form). It can be done and the cravings do subside eventually.

Congrats. Pl keep it up & enjoy the world. One important thing, you have now joined the
ranks of people who help to keep the environment clean & healthy. Thanks.

Congrats. Pl keep it up & enjoy the world. One important thing, you have now joined the
ranks of people who help to keep the environment clean & healthy. Thanks.

Yes you are exactly correct. I quit smoking 33 years ago. It wasn't very long before I couldn't abide the smell of burning tobacco, and now there's an even chance that cigar fumes will trigger a full-blown asthma attack. My nose and taste buds seemed to overcompensate for all the prior insult. On the one hand you are very aware of the smoking habits of those around you - if someone lit up within the last half hour they carry the effluent into the room with them. On the other hand you learn some amazing things about herbs and spices; you don't need as much sugars or fats to carry flavors and you can really enjoy steamed vegetables. It amazes me on the cooking competitions how many chefs smoke. The offense to the olfactory really skews a stew.

Congratulations on quiting smoking,
Yes things sure do smell alot different than what we thought they did. I have found that things also taste different, some better, and some not so good.
Quiting smoking is the best thing we ever do for ourselves, I quite 4 1/2 yrs ago
sure glad I did. good luck to you
Blessed Be

started at 7 stopped at 59, best thing i ever did

They say that your sense of smell is one of the strongest triggers of your memory. I know that when I am walking down the street and I smell certain combinations of scents that remind me of my childhood, I have to stop and close my eyes because the memory is so powerful. I wonder how many memories will now seem richer because your sense of smell has returned. Some smells hold much more value than failed kitty litter.

They say that your sense of smell is one of the strongest triggers of your memory. I know that when I am walking down the street and I smell certain combinations of scents that remind me of my childhood, I have to stop and close my eyes because the memory is so powerful. I wonder how many memories will now seem richer because your sense of smell has returned. Some smells hold much more value than failed kitty litter.

I know what you're saying. When I was a child my parents smoked. My dad smoked cigars and they smelled horrible! When we were in the car I would have to hang my head out the window to breathe!

My job of Saturdays was to clean all the ash trays. It smelled like crap, s***, or whatever you want to call it. If I got cigarette ash or worse on my fingers, I almost threw up! I HATED my job!

My parents finally stopped smoking years later. After their sense of smell returned and they smelled just how foul the odor was to them then, my parents came to me and told me that they were sorry for what they had put me through! But the damage was already done! I wasn't angry with them about it just really sad that they had forced me to endure the humiliation and disgust of having to clean "nasty" ash trays every Saturday.

Because of that childhood "chore" I have NEVER smoked or had the desire. I think that's a GOOD thing!

Oh fantastic Sheena! I am edging towards it....I don't know what I'm so scared of's so expensive here in NZ not to mention the health risks!

Deedee, keep edging toward stopping. u will quit when the time is right for you
Good luck and Merry Christmas to you and yours
Blessed Be

Keep it up. Smoking will kill you. I know it killed my Mom

Yes! I had to throw away all my old clothes- they STANK! & I now notice you can tell a smoker on public transport... I can't sit anywhere near them... *shudders*

2 weeks here (40 y.o., smoked since 16 on and off) and re-smelling all the perfumes I thought I wanted. Or didn't want. <br />
<br />
I can smell better than 2 weeks ago. My skin smells better as a ba<x>se. <br />
<br />
Thanks for your post!

You are strong! But most people will never escape the troubles of smoke nor be able to smell again unless they give up smoking (highly unlikely) or if they find a *real* alternative that works. I stand by electronic smoking 100% because I have seen my husband quit after 22 years of smoking. He gets his stuff from

I'm on Day 5 and I already can smell a difference. I went out yesterday and bought lots of air fresheners. Now I'm not sure if I'm really smelling things or could it be myt imagination????

If you ever fall into smoking again, try to smoke tobacco to clean your lung of all the chemicals. Tobacco in natural plant form without addictives is the best medicine to cure addiction to smoking.

How did you quit???????<br />
Nothing works for me!!!!!!!!

Cerxx: I can tell you how I quit. Cold turkey, back in 1964 when there were no pharmaceutical aids to quitting. I quit at age 32, not 42, after trying to quit by tapering off but only repeatedly cutting back to a pack a day, or by quitting cold turkey but going back after smoking one cigarette when others around me were smoking.

There were a few conditions that made it possible:

1. I got to where I really wanted to quit. I hated leaving burn marks on the furniture and having stains on my fingers, and a book had just come out that said I could avoid cancer if I quit before it started.

2. In all other ways I felt good about myself. I had just left a job I didn't like and I had been accepted for a job I hoped would be better. That made quitting the most important next step in my life.

3. I took a hint from Alcoholics Anonymous: just as an alcoholic must never (that means never) take another drink, I realized I was an addict and therefore I must never (that means never) take another cigarette.

4. I had support. I gave my wife my last pack of cigarettes and told her to give me one if I really, really needed it. I had to beg her for one more to tide me over the withdrawal. That was it. I had quit.

Good for You, Welcome Back to Earth! Just so You Know, Smoking Reduces Your Sense of Smell & Taste. And you see that a Smoker Really Stinks! I live with a Smoker and Hate It! I WILL NEVER SMOKE A CIGARETTE! Congratulations, That's a Big Thing!

I've quit for almost 5 months now after smoking for 15 years, I found that drinking water helped with the cravings, and I to can't stand the smell of anything and get so irratated with smells. I can't even stand the smell of my girlfreinds breath or the clothes she wears, she's not even a smoker I just can't stand to smell anything other than yummy food and pleasant insents. My sence of smell is so sensitive that I could smell someone manufacturing drugs on my street and I can smell the barium being sprayed in the air by airplanes creating chemical trails. There's lots of bad smells out there!

The smell of fresh bread! Mmmm...<br />
I can smell if there's roaches in a house???<br />
Cigarettes don't smell like they once did, they have chemicals now... The smell attracted me in the first place, so I was surprised just how less roasted and more man made they smell.<br />
It takes 10 seconds for a craving to pass, drink water during a craving... Preferably with lemon, it takes the craving away. <br />
I feel emotions I forgot about... Remember, the heart now works on rejuvenating your body when you're in REM, not on ridding it of toxins, so parts of the brain seem to light up, now that I've stubbed out the smokes.<br />
Four and a half years later, I'm so happy I quit!

haha i did same now i can t stand cig smell. when any one gets near me that smokes i can tell mile away. had alady sneak up behind me say guess who who said her name she said how d you know me. I said cause ya smell like cigs. she called me ******* was pissed!! but to kiss her be like kissing ashtray yaaakkkk!!! and perfume yaaaaakkkk theres a lady i avoid cause she loads it on if hugs me i smell like her perfume all night!! can also smell her coming from far off. and after she leaves still smell her!

Thats wonderful!! My husband just quit after smoking for 35 years. One thing he always comments on is how much better the food tastes!! Imagine that!! Congratulations!

Congratulations!!! My husband just quit after 35 years of smoking. He read a wonderful book that helped him quit cold turkey. One of the quotes from the book that he loves to tell everyone is "does that cigarette really make that steak taste any better?"

That's awesome. Congratulations on having the courage to try and the conviction to stick with it.

Haha :D This was an entertaining read! Congratulations on quitting and keep it up :)

I have found the thing that smells the wort is me! I have been quit for 3 days now and have all the nicotine coming out of my body. Cant get rid of the smell, it's awful. Still craving a *** at night time, does anyone think a herbal one would be ok?

No, herbal cigarettes aren't okay because a bit part of quitting is kicking the habit of smoking, not just the tobacco and nicotine. It gets easier. If you can make it through two weeks you will probably be okay as it starts to get easier then.