Almost A Year

If I make it to April 6th, 2010 that will be one year without a cigerette.  I still miss them sometimes.  I talk to people who have quit for many, many years and they still want one every once and awhile.  I have quit for this long before and gone back so I am not overly excited.  I will check back in April to let you know if I made it a year.  I used the patch.  When I quit for a long time I used hypnosis, expensive but effective.

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4 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Almost 2 years now and I still miss them

i have got usedf to it now<br />
keep at it<br />

I haven't talked to an ex smoker yet that didn't want once and awhile and most of us wish we could be smokers again, but those damn health issues

I started smoking when I was eleven, in 1941<br />
I stopped when I was 48 -- 37 years. <br />
I still don't know whether I am boasting or complaining!!!